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REDIRECT is a weekly dive into the world of immigration law and its human consequences. Refugees and border walls, rhetoric and politics. We break it down and get to the truth.

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REDIRECT: The War on Legal Immigration - (58:38) 53.68 MB
This week we're joined by Charles Kuck, former president of AILA and the host of some other immigration podcast (....The Immigration Hour) to discuss the important issues of today, including the Pee Tape (PT), whether Charles is still a republican, and the ongoing assault on legal immigration. Yes, that's right: LEGAL immigration. There is an all out war on legal immigration. Day by day, the Trump administration implements policies and practices that make it harder to immigrate to the United States. From big changes, like ending TPS, to small things, like making the forms more complicated, all done with a single goal in mind: eliminate legal immigration. Check us out on Facebook, give us money at, subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes, and leave us a review! Do it!

REDIRECT: Open Borders - (36:26) 33.36 MB
This week we're joined by David Bennion, an immigration attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to talk open borders. He recounts his harrowing encounter with border patrol as he crossed from Idaho into Utah. You can find David's information here: Our Patreon page is Leave a tip. Like us on The Facebook, subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, and leave a review.

REDIRECT: Denaturalized - (39:08) 35.83 MB
This week I'm joined by Matthew Hoppock (fake Matthew), an incredible immigration attorney out of Kansas City, to discuss Trump's new denaturalization task force. Are people really being stripped of their citizenship? Who are they going after, and why? Also, the Army is quietly discharging immigrant recruits who have been promised citizenship. We discuss what's going on in the military.

REDIRECT: All Fixed - (48:03) 44 MB
This week on REDIRECT Immigration Law & Perspectives Matthew and I are joined by Cesar Garcia Hernandez to discuss how the President wants credit for fixing something he started. Oh, and also it's definitely not fixed. We also discuss OPEN BORDERS.

REDIRECT: What can I do? - (51:01) 70.07 MB
This week we're joined by fellow immigration lawyer Alicia Perez (San Antonio, TX) to discuss how people can get involved and help out when it comes to children detained at the border. Bigots compete in the First Annual Cruelty Olympics, and a major Supreme Court decision that could help thousands.

REDIRECT: What's Happening at the Border? - (21:46) 29.9 MB
On today's "minisode," Stephen talks about what's going on at the border, why children are being separated from their parents, and why no one really wants to take the blame. Except Jeff Sessions. He'll take the blame.

REDIRECT: Detention Kills - (1:01:37) 84.63 MB
This week we're joined by Andrew Free who talks about his law suits against immigration detention facilities, and the increasing number of detainees dying in custody. These are sad and desperate times, so what can people do to get involved? REDIRECT: immigration Law & Perspectives

REDIRECT: Worser - (1:11:03) 97.59 MB
Things were bad. Now they're worse. This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives we dive into the devolution of our discourse and policy. Matthew discusses his recent advocacy on Castro-Tum.

REDIRECT: Things Seem Racist - (1:10:13) 96.43 MB
President Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly says immigrants are good people! They just, you know . . . don't belong here. Jeff Sessions takes aim at women fleeing domestic violence, and things in general seem . . . pretty racist right now. All that and more on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives. Be sure to check out, and follow our music playlist over on Spotify. Do it!

REDIRECT: Caravan - (1:14:57) 102.94 MB
This week on REDIRECT:Immigration Law & Perspectives we discuss the asylum seekers at the southern border, Mike Pence praising a convicted felon, and we talk shop.

REDIRECT: Oral Arguments - (46:08) 63.37 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives, we're joined by fellow immigration attorney Hassan Ahmad to discuss Muslim Ban 3.0 Supreme Court oral arguments. We also discuss Matter of ARCG and domestic violence in the asylum context. Check us out on, become a patron today. Do it.

REDIRECT: ICE Raids - (1:10:59) 97.49 MB
This week we're joined by Valeria Gomez to talk about a recent ICE raid in Tennessee that is having a dramatic effect on the community. We also discuss the termination of legal aid for detained immigrants, and the departure of our beloved Paul Ryan.

This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives, Matthew and I discuss our Frankenstein President, the Immigration Court squeeze, and why Central Americans aren't coming here to apply for DACA.

REDIRECT: RIP, Earth - (44:29) 61.09 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law and Perspectives, Matthew and I discuss the impending death of planet earth and mankind, and generally try to laugh through the tears. Jeff Sessions continues to reshape the immigration courts. We may be looking for an intern.

REDIRECT: Sessions Rewrites the Law - (47:18) 64.97 MB
This week Matthew and I discuss how Jeff Sessions is rewriting the law. Literally. It's terrifying. Thanks for listening to REDIRECT: Immigration Law and Perspectives. Like us on Facebook, or leave a tip in the tip jar over at Folks, I left my audio equipment at home this week, so excuse the poor audio quality!

Jennings - (58:28) 80.31 MB
This week we're joined by Andrea Saenz, immigration attorney in Brooklyn, New York, to talk about the Supreme Court's decision in Jennings v. Rodriguez. We share some non-depressing stories, but then cap things off with more depressing stories. What a week.

REDIRECT: Nation of Immigrants - (37:28) 51.47 MB
This week I'm joined by Andrew Free to discuss his ongoing litigation against GEO, how we're no longer a nation of immigrants, and how to get engaged in your community.

REDIRECT: I Quit - (1:03:37) 87.38 MB
This week we're joined by Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts, a former Montana Department of Labor employee who quit his job rather than help with ICE subpoenas. You can read about him here: If you're inspired by Jordon's story you can chip in here: Also, Matthew and I talk about disgraced former Chief Counsel Raphael Sanchez, who recently entered a plea agreement, admitting to having stolen the identities of at least 7 immigrants in removal proceedings.

REDIRECT: Loopholes - (36:33) 50.21 MB
What is the administration lying about this week? Loopholes! Hassan Ahmad, immigration attorney extraordinaire, joins me to discuss why MS-13 doesn't actually just parade through our "open borders" like the President says.

REDIRECT: DACA Litigation - (49:59) 68.64 MB
This week we're joined by Luis Cortes, fellow immigration attorney and friend of the show, who tells us about the efforts to keep DACA alive, despite the legislative stalemate in congress.

REDIRECT: That's Wrong - (59:38) 81.91 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law and Perspectives we're joined by Luis Cortes and Valeria Gomez, fellow immigration lawyers who help us tackle the day's biggest immigration misconceptions. Why don't people just "go to the back of the line"? What is "chain migration"? And what exactly is being proposed in Trump's immigration proposal? Follow us on

REDIRECT: Objection Overruled - (1:03:45) 87.55 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives, Matthew and I are joined by former Immigration Judge Eliza Klein. We talk about the current backlogs facing the Immigration Courts, shithole countries, and the looming government shutdown.

REDIRECT: 2017, Good Riddance - (51:17) 70.45 MB
This week Ava Benach joins us to kick dirt on 2017. Good Riddance.

REDIRECT: Festivus, 2017 - (1:00:45) 83.44 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives, Matthew and I are joined by fellow immigration attorneys Valeria Gomez and Ron Abramson for our yearly Festivus festivities.

REDIRECT: SAD - (42:15) 58.03 MB
This week we talk about Donald Trump's understanding of the diversity lottery, and why everything sucks (except Star Wars)

REDIRECT: Politicized - (37:06) 50.96 MB
This week Matthew and I discuss when it's ok to politicize gun violence.

REDIRECT: Beautiful Day - (21:59) 30.21 MB
This week we're joined by Keith Cooper of Beautiful Day Granola, a non-profit that helps provide job training to refugees. They happen to also sell a delicious product! Check it out at

REDIRECT: Week of Dumb - (48:46) 66.98 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law and Perspectives, Matthew and I dive head first into the topics of the day: IS slavery wrong? Why DID the civil war happen? Why ARE we arresting 10 year old girls at hospitals?

REDIRECT: Twitter Wars - (56:01) 76.94 MB
This week, Matthew and I are joined by Hassan Ahmad to discuss #twitter, the Muslim Ban 3.0, and why efforts to portray the immigrant community as "scary" and "criminal" fall short.

REDIRECT: President Miller's Immigration "Plan" - (52:49) 72.55 MB
This week Matthew and I are joined by Andrew Free to discuss the latest in immigration law. Trump has new "demands" for any future immigration legislation. Jeff Sessions calls out "dirty immigration lawyers," and more.

REDIRECT: Pristine Walls - (52:38) 72.28 MB
This week we're joined by Kara Lynum (@karalynum) for a round up of all the depressing immigration news. There's a border wall show room in San Diego, a new Muslim Ban 3.0, and DACA is no more. Sigh.

REDIRECT: You Got Pelosi'd - (42:16) 58.06 MB
This week Matthew and I talk with immigration attorney and DREAMer Luis Cortes about the many lawsuits taking place that are aiming to keep DACA in place. Nancy Pelosi gets shouted down, and why "chain migration" is a load of crap.

REDIRECT: UnDACAmented - (52:57) 72.72 MB
This week, Matthew and I talk with immigration attorney Charles Kuck about the rescission of DACA. We break down the Jeff Sessions announcement and try to count the lies.

REDIRECT: Limbo - (54:30) 74.87 MB
This week we're joined by Luis Cortes and Hassan Ahmad. We discuss the ongoing DACA limbo. What is DACA, and how can we advocate for better immigration policies? We also discuss the pardon of Joe Arpaio, and just why this action was unconventional (and dangerous). Hassan Ahmad joins us to discuss John Tanton and the ongoing lawsuit to release his papers. Who is John Tanton? If you don't know, you should.

REDIRECT: Arpaio - (53:03) 72.86 MB
This week we're joined by Alma Montes de Oca, Immigration Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, to talk about her experience at the Trump Rally Protest and the potential pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. We're also joined by Luis Cortes, Immigration Attorney and DREAMer from Kent, Washington to talk about the future of DACA.

REDIRECT: America debates Nazis. Are they good or nah? - (37:37) 51.67 MB
This week Matthew and I morn the sad state of our country.

REDIRECT: The RAISE Act - (29:10) 40.07 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law and Perspectives, Matthew and I discuss the RAISE Act (That's R-A-I-S-E-), a racist piece of garbage being paraded as serious immigration policy. We also discuss Stephen Miller's spat with Jim Acosta.

REDIRECT: See Through Walls - (35:03) 48.13 MB
Watch out for flying bags of heroin. This week, Matthew and I discuss transparent walls, and DREAMers as "FOREIGN NATIONALS"!! Kris Kobach teaches us that you can't really know anything, man.

REDIRECT: Kate's Law - (37:18) 51.23 MB
This week we're joined by Cesar Garcia to talk about Kate's Law, a bill that was recently passed by the House of Representatives.

REDIRECT: Trump Ground of Inadmissibility - (52:35) 72.22 MB
This week Stephen Manning and Ian Philabaum join Matthew and I to talk about their new project to bring rule of law to the border. Matthew and I discuss Trump's Iowa "rally," and white privilege.

REDIRECT: Happy DACAversary! - (38:53) 53.41 MB
This week DACA turned five! We celebrate by talking to Luis Cortes, a DREAMer attorney in Kent, Washington. Also, if detainees can't reasonably retain a lawyer, do they have a meaningful "right to a lawyer"? What does the future hold for immigration law?

REDIRECT: Back on the Record - (35:47) 49.16 MB
We're back from vacation! This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives Matthew and I talk about our dystopian nightmares, America's history of hating/needing immigrants, and AILA's decision to withdraw from it's Texas conference.

REDIRECT: Detrained - (51:29) 70.72 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law and Perspectives we're joined by former Immigration Judge Eliza Klein to talk about the cancellation of immigration judge training. Big deal or nah? We also talk about the difficulty of fighting an immigration case in detention.

REDIRECT: Secretary Kelly - (31:55) 43.85 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives Matthew and I dissect Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly's recent appearance on Meet the Press. It was . . . not encouraging. But who was more pathetic, John Kelly or Chuck Todd?

REDIRECT: Backlogged - (53:43) 73.78 MB
This week immigration attorney extraordinaire Davorin Odrcic joins us to review the week in immigration news. Backlogged courts, expensive deportations, and a golden cantaloupe for the ages.

REDIRECT: Echos of the Past - (31:14) 42.9 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives we talk with a local Yakima Historian about the history of immigration in the Yakima Valley. It turns out scapegoating immigrants is nothing new. Also, Trump supporters having buyer's remorse.

REDIRECT: ICE ICE Baby - (46:56) 64.46 MB
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives, Matthew and I discuss recent ICE enforcement efforts, the Muslim Ban 2.No (TM), and did God himself hand pick Trump for these times? Pat Robertson chimes in.

REDIRECT: DACArrested - (49:18) 67.73 MB
Trump supporters are shocked that their undocumented spouses, employees, etc. are being targeted by the man who promised to deport ALL undocumented immigrants. Also, we're joined by immigration attorney Luis Cortes to talk about his experience as an undocumented law student, and his client Daniel Ramirez, a DACA recipient who was arrested and detained by ICE over a month ago.

Muslim Ban 2.No - (50:36) 69.5 MB
This week Matthew and I talk to Kathleen Gillespie about the trouble with labels like "criminal alien." Then Drew White joins us to discuss the Federal Judge's temporary restraining order against Muslim Ban 2.0.

REDIRECT: Muslim Ban 2.0 - (31:54) 43.81 MB
This week Susan Church joins us to talk about her experience fighting Muslim Ban 1.0 and to share her thoughts on the new-and-improved Muslim Ban 2.0.

REDIRECT: Forced Labor in Detention - (42:27) 58.3 MB
This week on REDIRECT we talk to attorney Andrew Free about his class action lawsuit against GEO for forced labor of immigrant detainees. Matthew and I discuss President' Trump's VOICE program and the quest for the "perfect immigrant."

REDIRECT: Sanctuary Cities - (49:57) 68.61 MB
This week we're joined by Drew White to discuss sanctuary cities, Jeff Sessions' roll back of the Obama roll back of the use of private prisons. Open borders and Romney v. Trump in Hot Takes.

REDIRECT: Enforce the Laws on the Books - (39:12) 53.85 MB
This week Matthew and I talk about what it means to enforce the laws on the books. We look at Attorney General Jeff Session's senate confirmation testimony and discuss his take on immigration reform.

REDIRECT: Court is in Sessions - (25:39) 35.24 MB
This week we talk about the 9th Circuit's bench slap of DJT, Republican efforts to slash legal immigration, and what an Attorney General Sessions means for immigration.

REDIRECT: Muslim Bans and #neverforget Bowling Green - (53:39) 73.69 MB
This week we're happy to be joined by Jorge Baron of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. We talk about the chaos surrounding the executive orders and travel ban. In Hot Takes Matthew and I discuss the origins of the Muslim ban, Trump's new enforcement priorities, and more.

MINISODE: That's Wrong - (15:27) 21.23 MB
In this edition of That's Wrong, attorney Drew White joins me to debunk the president's "belief" that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast against him.

REDIRECT: Executive Orders - (58:43) 80.64 MB
This week we're joined by Hassan Ahmad to talk about Trump's recent immigration executive orders. Also, an interview with Steven Cohen about the recent extradition of El Chapo, the uncertainty it creates in Mexico, and the uselessness of a border wall.

REDIRECT: Obama's Legacy - (53:49) 73.92 MB
This week in Hot Takes, Matthew and I break down Obama's immigration legacy. It's . . . not great.

REDIRECT: 2017 Predictions - (49:48) 68.41 MB
This week in Hot Takes Matthew and I break down our 2017 predictions. Listener beware: these takes are spicy! Also, the 2016 Golden Cantaloupe of the Year! Trump lets Mexico "off the hook" for the wall, and more!

REDIRECT: Conversation with a Muslim - (46:07) 63.34 MB
No Matthew this week, so you'll have to listen to me ramble semi-coherently about the future of immigration. Will we have an "immigration reform"? What does that even mean? Also, Hassan Ahmad joins me to talk about growing up Muslim in America and what Sharia Law really means.

REDIRECT: Festivus 2016 - (40:40) 55.86 MB
Oh, there are grievances all right. Did you make our naughty list this year?

REDIRECT: Aftermath - (27:29) 37.76 MB
Matthew and I discuss the....ugh.

REDIRECT: Debate Recap - (27:19) 37.52 MB
This week Matthew and I discuss the recent debate and Hillary Clinton's immigration proposals (and whether we should believe them).

REDIRECT: Tijuana Asylum Seekers - (1:19:11) 36.25 MB
This week Matthew and I revisit the Melania Trump controversy, Donald Trump's softer immigration stance, and we interview Nicole Ramos about the current refugee crisis in Tijuana, Mexico.

REDIRECT: Border Spectacles - (46:59) 64.53 MB
This week we are joined by Ruben Andersson, anthropologist and associate professor of migration at University of Oxford's Department of International Development. He is the author of Illegality Inc., and countless other articles that you can find at his website, In our discussion, we compare and contrast immigration policies and practices in the United States and Europe, our fascination with "border spectacles," and why the real problem is anthropologists (not really). Enjoy the discussion!

REDIRECT: Berks Hunger Strike and Melania's Path to Citizenship - (39:17) 53.95 MB
This week Daniel Thomann and Bridget Cambria join us to talk about Melania Trump's immigration hypocrisy, the Berks Family Jail hunger strike, and more.

REDIRECT: Convention - (33:11) 45.58 MB
This week Matthew and I break down the Republican National Convention.

RIP: OBAMNESTY - (31:30) 43.27 MB
This week Matthew and I mourn the loss of DAPA, discuss the AILA National Convention in Las Vegas and our adoring fans.

REDIRECT: Space Saviors - (44:00) 60.45 MB
On this week's show, DACA denied for DREAMer activist, Hillary Clinton wants to overturn Citizens United (while repeating the decision's reasoning in her defense of campaign contributions), Louie Ghomert puts an end to the transgender bathroom debate with a totally plausible hypothetical that JUST MAY CHANGE YOUR MIND!

REDIRECT: Gross - (37:13) 51.13 MB
Lots of gross stuff going on. Family detention. ICE attorneys forging documents. Ted Cruz. Etc.

REDIRECT: Domestic Violence and Asylum - (24:31) 33.68 MB
This week Blaine Bookey joins us from the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies to discuss Matter of ARCG and domestic violence in asylum cases.

REDIRECT: Dairy Farms - (37:13) 51.13 MB
This week Matthew and I discuss Hillary Clinton's confrontation with a Green Peace activist, Donald Trump's pro-lifeiness, and the GOP's inability to answer a simple question about immigration and dairy farms.

REDIRECT: Trump-sylum - (49:56) 68.58 MB
This week Matthew and I talk to Paul Goddard, immigration adviser from Auckland about immigrating to New Zealand. Are they looking for any U.S. immigration lawyers? Listen to find out. Also, Margaret Stock joins us to talk about her prestigious career and her independent senate run in Alaska!

REDIRECT: Can Someone Please Attack Me? - (39:03) 53.63 MB
This week Matthew and I discuss the 10th Republican "Debate." Is Donald Trump the least scary Republican candidate? Also, Erwin Chemerinsky joins us to discuss the legacy of Antonin Scalia, U.S. v. Texas, and Evenwel v. Abbott. He is a genius, and clearly a charitable person for agreeing to come on the show (twice now!). This week's golden cantaloupe is a show down between David Barton and Wolf Blitzer. Who takes home the prize? Listen and find out.

REDIRECT: Endorsements - (54:31) 74.87 MB
In a presidential campaign the right endorsement can help you land important demographics. Like the "white people who are afraid of the gays" demographic. Matthew and I break down the latest endorsements. Also, former Immigration Judge Eliza "Your Honor" Klein joins us to talk about her experience on the bench.

REDIRECT: Raids v. Rhetoric - (39:20) 54.02 MB
So things are pretty ugly right now, what with the rhetoric and all. Oh, also the raids. You know, the actual things happening on the ground. Also, immigration attorney extraordinaire Scarlett Leiva joins us to talk about her immigrant story, practicing in San Francisco, and to shout out her dad, Nelson.

REDIRECT: Festivus! - (43:47) 60.14 MB
Matthew and I gather on this joyous occasion to air our grievances. Did you make our list? The answer just might surprise you!

Syrian Refugees and American Xenophobia - (56:35) 77.73 MB
This week we talk to Hassan Ahmad, Immigration Attorney extraordinaire, about recent developments in the Syrian refugee resettlement program. We laid the ground work for a Ted Cruz, Hassan Ahmad debate in Crystal City. Golden Cantaloupe nominees include Dr. Ben Carson, who has a PhD despite having failed his undergrad Analogies 101 class, and Texas Congressman Brian Babin.

Walls v. Barriers - (43:55) 60.31 MB
This week Matthew and I breakdown the latest Fox Business News Republican Debate. Look, when Ben Carson says he was a murderous lunatic, we take him at his word, ok? And when it comes to immigration plans, it turns out you have a wide spectrum of choices, from border walls all the way to border barriers. The number of choices are staggering. This is what freedom and democracy look like, folks.

Redirect: What's Your Story? - (29:24) 40.38 MB
This week we get to know our (only) fan, Christian Mendoza, immigration attorney extraordinaire with his very own immigrant story. Christian came to the United States from Honduras when he was just 15 years old. He tells us about his struggles in adapting to his new country, and why his family came here in the first place (spoiler alert, it wasn't to commit crimes).

REDIRECT: Debate Recap - (44:47) 20.5 MB
Ben Carson puts forward a bold slavery-like immigration proposal, while the rest of the field struggles to think of a famous American woman. Low fives were exchanged, and everyone is dumber for it. Matthew and I break down the CNN Republican Debate.

REDIRECT: Donald Trump's Immigration Dystopia - (35:38) 16.32 MB
Donald Trump has some "big" ideas when it comes to immigration. Those "ideas" face some nearly-impossible obstacles when it comes to implementation, but what would the result look like if we assumed he could accomplish what he wants? Big, expensive government, and gross, ugly xenophobia.

REDIRECT: Pimps, Prostitutes, and Illegals to the Rescue! - (49:20) 67.76 MB
This week Matthew and I sit down to digest last week's Republican debate. Spoiler alert: it gave us indigestion. Dan Cadman from CIS joins us to talk about America: The Sponge, and the cultural assimilation. They don't have any evidence, but they think it's a really big problem.

REDIRECT: Drug Wars and Sanctuary Cities - (1:01:09) 83.99 MB
This week we're joined by Guy Lawson, journalist and author of Arms and the Dudes. Guy covered the Mexican Drug War for Rolling Stone several years ago and provides incredible insight into what's happening in that country. Also joining us is friend-of-the-show Cesar Garcia Hernandez of to talk "sanctuary cities."

REDIRECT: Evenwel v. Abbott - (39:55) 54.83 MB
Erwin Chemerinsky joins us to discuss Evenwel v. Abbott, an important upcoming Supreme Court case. Is Donald Trump hilarious or depressing? Should we blame video games or religion for mass shootings? All of that and more.

REDIRECT: Obamensty v. The Apocalypse: Which comes first? - (28:57) 39.77 MB
On this week's Redirect, Immigration Law and Perspectives, we discuss Obama's huge victories (that he had nothing to do with) and his longstanding, steadfast support of LBGT issues. Like that time he was running for President and he said he was against gay marriage. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump do battle in this week's Golden Cantaloupe. Ted Cruz admits to having committed a CIMT, but you should all chuckle about it because he refused to snitch on his friends.

REDIRECT: AILA National Conference - (48:07) 66.09 MB
This week Matthew A. and I discuss the recent key note address delivered by Cecilia Munoz at the AILA National Conference in DC. Er, I mean Baltimore. Or Maryland somewhere. I don't know. Matthew Kolken joins us to tell us about the atmosphere at the conference.

REDIRECT: Attorneys as Activists - (1:11:18) 97.93 MB
This week we talk to Stephen Manning, immigration lawyer extraordinaire, about how we can help not only as attorneys but as activists. We also talk to Dan Cadman, a different type of activist. Dan was worried we might edit the conversation in a manipulative way but the joke's on him: we don't edit anything.

Redirect: Profit Motive in Immigration Detention - (55:00) 75.55 MB
Cesar Garcia Hernandez ( and Bryan Johnson ( join us to talk about for-profit detention in the immigration context. We celebrate the arrival of the OBAMNESTY! (TM), and when you debunk Rick Santorum it only makes him stronger.

Redirect, Episode 33 - (43:53) 60.28 MB
Helen Parsonage joins us to talk royal baby (also some election stuff in the UK?) and our ever-devolving immigrant rhetoric. Ben Carson is running for president. How tall does he want the border fence to be? The answer just might surprise you.

Coast to Coast, Episode 32 - (42:18) 58.1 MB
Cesar Garcia joins us to talk European immigration. Scott Walker puts us to sleep.

Coast to Coast, Episode 31 - (45:30) 62.49 MB
Angelo A. Paparelli joins us to talk dysfunction in the immigration system. An embarrassment of riches when we discuss all the amazing presidential candidates!

Coast to Coast, Episode 30 - (41:11) 18.86 MB
Matt Adams from the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) joins us to talk about their recent efforts. Remember, CBP doesn't "arrest," they "detain." What's the difference? That's above your pay grade.

Coast to Coast, Episode 29 - (26:20) 12.06 MB
Is Matthew stepping out on Stephen? Find out this, AND MORE, on an all new Coast to Coast.

Coast to Coast, Episode 27 - (20:48) 28.58 MB
Matthew goes on a rant.

Coast to Coast, Episode 25 - (49:10) 67.52 MB
David Leopold and Matthew Kolken join us to talk about developments in enforcement. Spoiler alert: it's no bueno.

Coast to Coast, Episode 24 - (45:39) 62.69 MB
Alex Mierjeski joins us to talk about his recent article, "Texas Private Prison Left 'Uninhabitable' After Immigrant Detainees Riot Over Poor Conditions". Glenn Beck and Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga battle for this week's Golden Cantaloupe.

Coast to Coast, Episode 23 - (27:53) 38.3 MB
This episode was untimely filed. We recorded yesterday when it looked like the Obama administration was not going to file an emergency OBAMNESTY stay. Now it looks like they probably will. Oh well. Enjoy hearing two grumpy immigration lawyers complain about Obama.

Coast to Coast, Episode 22 - (41:30) 57.01 MB
This week we talk to the distinguished Matthew Archambeault about the Berks Family Shelter, a place where we lock up moms and kids, but, you know, with khaki-wearing guards so it's all good.

Coast to Coast Episode 21 - (47:42) 65.52 MB
Lory Rosenberg joins us to talk about her consulting services, her many years of experience, and to sing a song.

Coast to Coast, Episode 20 - (20:44) 28.47 MB
Ok, ok, so production is still pretty much a disaster. Last week's show didn't exactly "get recorded," as they say in the biz. Anyhow, we've got a super special Golden Cantaloupe showdown for all our listeners this week. Help us pick a winner!

Coast to Coast, Episode 19 - (1:18:10) 107.35 MB
Hassan Ahmad, immigration attorney extraordinaire joins us. He selects this week's Golden Cantaloupe (Special Muslim Edition! (TM)). Also, Robert Gibbs and Neha Vyas from Gibbs, Houston and Pauw out of Seattle, WA come on to describe a terribly botched case that will make you feel bad for every time you complain about slow processing times. Remember, it could be worse. Republicans vote to end DACA, but what else is new?

Coast to Coast, Episode 18 - (43:34) 59.83 MB
This week we talk with Lindsay Nash, lawyer extraordinaire with the ACLU. Stephen gets frustrated with technology, and Matthew is mean.

Coast to Coast Episode 17 - (1:05:01) 89.29 MB
Hiroshi Motomura, professor of law at UCLA, joins us to talk about his awesome books. They make great Christmas gifts for all you immigration law nerds. Also, Nora Phillips refuses to make fun of her friends.

Coast to Coast, Episode 16 - (43:04) 19.72 MB
Stephen Manning, immigration attorney extraordinaire, stops by the show to thank us for single handedly closing Artesia. We continue dissing our listeners.

Coast to Coast, Episode 15 - (35:07) 16.08 MB
In this special Thanksgiving Edition of Coast to Coast, we talk to Uncle Mort, your well informed family member who wants to set you straight on immigration. Glenn Beck three-peats with another Golden Cantaloupe award, and we continue making fun of our listeners.

Coast to Coast Episode 14 - (47:21) 21.68 MB
This week Anna Hysell, immigration attorney extraordinaire from San Diego, California joins us to talk about her time working as an ICE attorney. Glenn Beck repeats as Golden Cantaloupe winner. Obama fixes everything with executive action.

Coast to Coast, Episode 13 - (1:02:06) 28.43 MB
OBAMNESTY! Olsi Vrapi, immigration attorney extraordinaire, joins us for a 100% accent-free interview. We talk to César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández from about his radial position that innocent children should not be held in detention. Glenn Beck warns that there's no place to hide, so you best be afraid.

Coast to Coast, Episode 12 (edit) - (59:49) 27.38 MB
This week Stephen struggles with big fancy words like "advocacy." Andrea Saenz, immigration extraordinaire and Jeopardy Champion joins us to talk about her incredible work. Mark Fleming from the National Immigrant Justice Center and Mark Flessner from Holland & Knight are with us to talk about the case of Davino Watson, a U.S. Citizen who was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for over three years. Megyn Kelly and Andrew P. Napolitano duke it out for this week's Golden Cantaloupe.

Coast to Coast, Episode 11 - (14:23) 6.59 MB
Stephen and Matthew discuss some recent feedback, lament not having a guest, and Stephen fishes for a complement. Short and sweet this week, folks.

Coast to Coast, Episode 10 - (58:24) 26.74 MB
This week we chat with immigration attorney extraordinaire Jason Dzubow of the Asylumist ( You will feel bad about all your boring cases. Also, Matt Adams of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project joins us to talk about their recent lawsuit against a DHS trial attorney who is accused of falsifying documents in order to have someone removed. All that and much much more (ok, not that much more) on this week's episode of Coast to Coast.

Coast to Coast, Episode 9 - (52:16) 23.93 MB
This week Stephen and Matthew talk with immigration attorney extraordinaire Mayra Calo about aaaaarrrrrrrrg-uing in immigration court. Stacy M. Ehrisman-Mickle explains why selfishly having children may keep you from getting a 3 week continuance in immigration court. Also, Fox News says some stuff that doesn't make sense.

Coast to Coast, Episode Eight - (52:16) 23.93 MB
This week questions are asked. Is Pat Robertson a pedophile? We have no evidence, but it's worth speculating. Also, Robert Zuniga joins us to talk about starting up your own practice.

Coast to Coast, Episode Seven - (55:30) 25.41 MB
Christine Lockhart Poarch joins us to discuss her recent article in The Federal Lawyer, "Immigration Options for Undocumented Children, Moving from Technical Solutions to Adaptive Change."

Coast to Coast, Episode VI - (1:03:07) 28.89 MB
The one and only Katy Chavez joins us to talk Artesia, justice, and the pursuit of happiness.

Coast to Coast, Episode V - (43:03) 19.71 MB
The "Empire Strikes Back" of Coast to Coast, Lisa Seifert joins us to talk prolonged detention. Elisabeth Hasslebeck and some Sheriff demand that terrorists pee down both legs when they hear helicopters or planes (a good foundation for a serious foreign policy). All that and more on Coast to Coast.

Coast to Coast, Episode 4 - (50:11) 22.98 MB
Jorge Baron from the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project joins us to talk about why the Constitution and legal representation matter in the immigration context. More Golden Cantaloupes. Jokes.

Coast to Coast, Episode 3 - (38:06) 17.44 MB
This week Stephen and Matthew talk to immigration attorney extraordinaire Roy Petty out of Rogers, Arkansas, and another Golden Cantaloupe is awarded.

Coast to Coast, Episode 2 - (38:35) 17.66 MB
This week we talk with Immigration Super Star Marty Rosenbluth and discuss due process in the immigration context.